5 Ways To Be Kind Today

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In a world that’s increasingly dividing itself on every single parameter one can think of, kindness as a virtue has taken a backseat since the “good ol’ times”. When was the last time you spoke to your neighbours or acquaintances without any agenda? How often do you check up on your friends – not just the ones you see frequently? Kindness comes in many forms, and it doesn’t take a lot for you to be a better person, every single day. Here are five small random acts of kindness you can indulge in today!

  1. Spend time with a neighbour

Having good neighbours can be like striking a jackpot – you can rely on them for simple things like collecting your mail, looking out for your house while you’re away and be a reliable support system during unforeseen emergencies. How often do you take the time out to check on your neighbour’s well-being? Share a cuppa with them and show that you value your relationship.

  1. Don’t Cuss While Driving

All of us are well-behaved, well-mannered people – till we hit the road. It’s a given that traffic can be crazy, people can get crazier and make unreasonable decisions while driving, including breaking few rules. Instead of yelling at people, which doesn’t serve you either, try keeping your cool. Remember, the other person is human too, and is as prone to making mistakes as you are!

  1. Kindness Starts With You

One’s worst critic is them self – a lot of people agree to being harsh on themselves, but when it comes to giving advice to someone else, we can be incredibly kind. However, being kind starts with your own self. Make sure you don’t beat yourself up about your flaws and shortcomings. Not everyone is perfect and one needs to acknowledge this.

  1. Feed Your Street Dogs

Do you know that there are more than 30 million stray dogs in India? They need your love too! There are many sober dogs that wouldn’t harm you, provided you treat them well. It doesn’t take a lot to fend for a stray dog – just install a bowl of water in a place with ample shade and feed them simple things like store-bought biscuits. Many brands manufacture inexpensive biscuits in bulk that you can stock up on.

  1. Spend time at an Old Age home or a Hospice

Want a perspective shift? Want to view life through someone whose life and experiences are drastically different from yours? Consider visiting a hospice or an old age home. Most volunteers report that they experience shifts in their mood once they see someone whose life is radically different from theirs. We tend to take our privilege for granted – even refusing to acknowledge its existence from time to time. One visit to an old age home would shift your mindset and show you that there’s much more to life than a rat race.

At SAHAVE, we encourage people to volunteer as much as possible. To find Old Age homes and Orphanages that can use your services, download the new SAHAVE app and build your kindness quotient today! 

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jagruti Jagruthi Maddela – VP Marketing India
Jag, as her friends call her, is quite the maven and aficionado when it comes to the NGO world. Her engineering education has been overtaken by her creativity, gastronomy and laughter. In addition, Jagruthi can always fit in a joke or three, locate that elusive chocolate biscuit, and loves an afternoon nap.

You can contact her at jagruthi@sahave.org, or follow her on Facebook


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