Social work increases productivity at work – here’s how

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It is no news to us that giving our time to work for the betterment of our community makes us feel fulfilled. Apart from this fact, did you know that social work actually helps you perform better at work? Science shows that volunteering impacts your mind in a way that few activities can, including exercising. So, here’s how social work helps increase your productivity at work.

1. You feel happier
Ever felt the rush of good feelings when you helped someone out, and watched their face light up? Well, there’s actual science to this – researchers say when we perform acts of kindness towards people we care for, our brain rewards us with feel-good hormones like endorphins – the same hormones that get released when we eat a bar of chocolate, or go for a run. Humans are wired to feel happy when we are put in a happy environment, and better yet, be the reason for somebody’s happiness. Being kinder literally makes you happier – leaving you in a motivated state of mind to work harder.

2. It creates a bond with your colleagues
Having a great work environment is a game-changer for your productivity levels. This is why, people are often advised to keep their workspace clutter-free, so the mind is free of any random thoughts. the same logic applies to one’s mental clutter. Having troublesome relationships with your colleagues only adds tension in your environment, and clutters your mind, leaving you unable to work at your best potential. When you volunteer with your colleagues, you are in an entirely different headspace – a more relaxed and informal environment, where you can get to know them at a more personal level. This helps build mutual trust, thereby forming good bonds where you can work better, together.

3. You’re less stressed
Let’s be honest – you’re not at your best self when you’re constantly worrying about things. Neither do people like to be around a worrier, nor is it easy for you to go about your day with added stress. With volunteering, because you’re in an entirely different environment from what you’re usually used to, and since you’re meeting new people with different perspectives from you, you’re naturally happier, learning new things, and automatically less stressed. We all know that we perform better on tests and exams with a composed, calm mind, rather than a disturbed, frazzled one. This is the same thing that happens at work – when you’re calmer, your mind is inclined to pick up new things and execute them faster than usual.

4. You’re inclined to learn more things
Ever observed how children are always ready to try out something new? They may have no clue about what’s in store for them, but they don’t hesitate to dive right in. This quality, of course, dwindles as we grow older. When you’re volunteering, you’re put in a situation where you need to learn and adapt to new things fast – and as we have established, the end result, is almost always positive. This helps reverse your mindset into trying new things and embracing change rather than being resistive to it – this is the most important quality one needs to have as a working professional, since our work spaces and demands are dynamic and change frequently.

Convinced to volunteer yet? If not for the betterment of your community, we urge you to do it for yourself and your loved ones. We’d love to see you flourish. Wondering where you can spend time and volunteer? We’ve got you covered! Simply download the SAHAVE app and join the 2,50,000 people we have registered to discover volunteering opportunities around you.

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