How young working professionals can gain through community work

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People tend to halt all their hobbies including volunteering work once they secure a job owing to the newly added responsibilities. However, no one is to be blamed or sent on a guilt trip because of this. Work can get demanding invariably which makes even one holiday seems like it’s precious. But, if you wish to juggle all of your responsibilities efficiently, remember the old adage, ‘Where there is a will, there’s a way.’

Whether it is for volunteering or otherwise, the key is to handle your time situation wisely without over-burdening yourself. Here are a few reasons you can take into consideration to raise a healthier community, while still working on your budding career.

Visibility at work

Most companies take up the initiative to organise volunteering programmes. So, watch out for such opportunities and participate. An active employee is always appreciated by his/her employer and it also increases their visibility, which in turn would help accelerate your career in the right direction.

Bigger social circle

Having a life outside the workplace becomes a necessity when your work gets monotonous. When you don’t have the time, even making friends seems tough. Joining a volunteer group can be a great channel to meet like-minded people from different backgrounds. While you might get to make friends for a lifetime, stay updated, have meaningful conversations and broaden your network.

Meaningful Memories

We spend more than 1/3rd of our lives working. While spending time with friends and family is essential, visiting someone who doesn’t have people to call their own at an old age home or an orphanage can be one of the most profound activities that help create memorable moments. Such small random acts of kindness are fulfilling and can be therapeutic.

Building Life Skills

To be able to juggle work, personal life and other commitments is highly productive and helps maintain one’s mental health. It also shows your ability to multitask and be someone who is clear about their priorities. Recognising one’s limitations, scheduling and prioritising help weave everything you want to do, mindfully.

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